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Renewable Energy

Evolution Ventures invests in advanced renewable energy technologies and business model innovations. Investing in early-stage renewables such as battery, wind and solar companies is one of our primary focuses. We work to help our investments achieve significant scale to address global climate change.

Advanced Exploration

At Evolution Ventures, one area of focus is remote sensing technology and mineral exploration. By investing in advanced imaging technology, our initiatives drive satellite and aerial mapping to locate geological mining opportunities in various minerals like ore and copper.  Using our innovative technologies, we can acquire sustainably sourced precious resources with limited environmental impact.

Quantum Tech

As more advancements are made in the field of quantum research, Evolution Ventures has sought out leading minds in the quantum technology sector to further expedite the potential for revolutionary AI products. We believe by investing in the future of AI, we'll help solve specialized problems in multiple industries more proficiently than standard computing capabilities.

Digital Currencies

Today, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry are advancing at unprecedented rates. Evolution Ventures has created the financial infrastructure to provide institutional-level brokering and management services for digital currency. Our goal is to provide companies the resources needed to safeguard and grow their crypto assets.

Consumer Products

In 2021, people's needs are changing. With social and climate consciousness on the rise, more consumers are paying closer attention to their environmental impact and we believe that now is a pivotal time to invest in companies that are changing the landscape of consumer goods by prioritizing sustainability and creating products that provide responsible solutions to the environment and single waste problems.

Cannabinoid Technologies

With cannabis approaching federal legal status in the United States, Evolution Ventures is on the leading edge of developing emerging technologies related to CBG, CBD and THCV. Research towards rare cannabinoids poses a unique opportunity in the market for both pharmaceutical companies and consumer products. Emerging data is showing that cannabis compounds provide incomparable health benefits and the biosynthesis of specific cannabinoids could be grow into a $25 billion market by 2025.


We seek the vanguards, the visionaries, the rebels and disruptors.

We seek leaders on the forefront of change. We partner with ambitious, early stage companies with a passion for evolving the world through groundbreaking technologies. Our founders believe in freedom of expression and see the value of both inspired creativity and financial success. 

Through our decades of experience investing in founders that are passionate about disrupting the status-quo and creating real-world solutions to modern challenges, we have been able to generate both socioeconomic change and profits that scale our businesses into the global marketplace.

Our investments focus on advancing sectors such as;

  • Renewable energy 

  • Battery technologies

  • Sustainably sourced precious resources 

  • AI and quantum research

  • Bioresearch and cannabinoid technology

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