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Committed to
Responsible Investment

Big change comes through innovative solutions, however disrupting major industries also has a societal impact and can pose critical challenges to cybersecurity, job availability, the global economy and above all – ethics.


That is why we strive to not only invest in companies which create change through disruptive technology, but implement strategic and rigorous research to mitigate and optimize our companies' long-term impact on both the environment and humanity.

We're committed to changing the game, responsibly.


Evolution Ventures is an equal opportunity employer committed to inclusion and diversity. Our company culture is one of integrity, compassion, leadership, innovation and performance. As a company our goal is to enhance the lives of our team members so they can continue to help others. And throughout it all, we are united by a culture that cultivates a workplace like no other. 

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Our Companies



We are a global investment firm powering businesses focused on sustainable, leading-edge technologies.

Our Investment

We seek the vanguards, the visionaries, the rebels and disruptors. We seek leaders on the forefront of change. We partner with ambitious, early stage companies with a passion for evolving the world through groundbreaking technologies. Our founders believe in freedom of expression and see the value of both inspired creativity and financial success. 

We vet our partnerships by our values; diversity, vision, performance and ingenuity.

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